Satellite Meeting Submissions

The Society for the Neural Control of Movement welcomes suggestions for a Satellite Meeting in conjunction with future Annual Meetings.  Throughout the long history of NCM, most Annual Meetings have been preceded by a Satellite Meeting.  Satellite Meetings offer the NCM delegates an opportunity to explore evolving areas of research, learn new skills, and make new contacts with other scientists.

What NCM will provide

NCM will provide the following structure/resources for successful Satellite Meeting organizers:

  • Website design and hosting for satellite page as part of the NCM Annual Meeting
  • Registration for the Satellite Meeting, including fee collection to offset costs
  • Appropriate meeting space(s)
  • Audio Visual including LCD Projector, Screen, Microphones and sound system
  • An opening reception on the night before the Satellite Meeting with one complimentary drink per person
  • A mid-morning coffee break, buffet lunch and an afternoon coffee break
  • Poster boards, if required
  • If required, NCM can invoice Satellite Sponsors and manage collection of sponsorship funds to cover additional requirements/costs the organizers are responsible for
  • Printed program for all Satellite Meeting delegates
  • Registration services on site during the Satellite Meeting (including name badges, lanyards and staff)
  • Event support for the duration of the Satellite Meeting

What the Satellite Organizers are responsible for

  • Program design that fits within the Satellite meeting day structure
  • Adherence to the society’s policy with respect to gender balance in programming (more information can be found at
  • Speaker costs, including satellite keynote (flight, accommodation, expenses)
  • Any additional food and beverage beyond what is provided
  • Sponsorship specific to the Satellite Meeting

How to apply

  • Please contact NCM via email with an outline of the satellite meeting description, potential speakers and include organizer contact details.
  • Submissions required by September 19, 2022