Satellite Meeting

Join us April 22 & 23, 2019 for the NCM Satellite Meeting “Predictive coding and active inference to know and explore the world”. The Satellite meeting will be held at the Toyama International Conference Center in advance of the annual Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting.

Neural Control of Movement Satellite Meeting

Predictive coding and active inference to know and explore the world

The Satellite Meeting will begin with registration and a drinks reception on Monday April 22nd followed by the main sessions on Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 at the Toyama International Conference Center in Toyama, Japan.

The satellite is organized by Tadashi Isa, Kyoto University; Kazuhiko Seki, National Institute of Neuroscience; Daichi Nozaki, The University of Tokyo; and Jun Izawa, Tsukuba University

Exploration is innate to our motor control and motor learning systems. A central computational function of our brain is to proactively generate action to gain valuable sensory states rather than passively react to changes of the environment. In this function, the optimal inference via integration of the prediction and the feedback information from the external world plays a critical role. A question here is how our nervous system for motor function embeds this computation.

In the past two decades, a normative approach on motor control and learning has illustrated that the brain is capable of controlling the body in a stochastically optimal manner by integrating multimodal sensory information every time seconds. Indeed, the Bayesian theory, the Kalman filtering theory, as well as the LQG theory have provided us with a unified computational account of the motor control. However, the block diagram view of the computational anatomy of the brain might miss something important buried in the sophistication in the hierarchical architecture of the motor nervous system.

The goal of this satellite meeting is to discuss how the computational integrity of the motor control system is achieved with the predictive coding of the sensory outcome and errors which are embedded differently among multiple layers of hierarchical structure in the sensorimotor transformation mediated by the nervous system. To explore this view, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach by getting together with the robot scientists, the computational/behavioral scientists, and the neurophysiologists.

Sessions will include 30 minute talks by speakers identified below, as well as submitted talks of 15 minutes.

The satellite meeting will be concluded with a keynote from Mitsuo Kawato, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute | ATR · Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group

Confirmed Speakers
Kathleen Cullen
Hiroaki Gomi
Mackenzie Mathis
Masanori Murayama
Yulia Sandmirskaya
Kazuhiko Seki

Jun Tani
And others