Satellite Meeting

Join us April 18 & 19, 2021 for the NCM Satellite Meeting “A fine balance: The neural control of eye and head movements in health versus disease”. The Satellite meeting will be held at the Victoria Conference Centre in advance of the annual Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting.

Neural Control of Movement Satellite Meeting

A fine balance: The neural control of eye and head movements in health versus disease

The Satellite Meeting will begin with registration and an optional (additional charge) dinner on Sunday April 18th followed by the main sessions on Monday April 19th 2021 at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, Canada.

The satellite is organized by Natela Shanidze, The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute and Neeraj Gandhi, University of Pittsburgh

The vestibular and oculomotor systems are inextricably linked in their design. Without proper eye movement control (motor), vestibular function is disrupted, and without vestibular signal (sensory), appropriate eye movement control is not possible in a moving organism. Although this interdependence has complex effects on visual stability, balance, and posture; the two systems can often seem simple in their basic architecture. For example, the vestibular apparatus is an engineering marvel for understanding signal processing and developing neural prostheses. Insults to the vestibular and oculomotor control streams produce profound effects on both behavior and perception (visual and vestibular) yet can also exhibit a resilient ability to recover. A deeper understanding of these systems, both intact and damaged, requires studies that bridge cellular and systems neurosciences and also incorporate behavioral, computational, and clinical efforts.

The satellite meeting will consider this range of topics through sessions focused on oculomotor control and vestibular processing in periphery and in the central nervous system, particularly in terms of their impact on action and perception.

Satellite Meeting Keynote Speaker:
W. Michael King, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor