Scholarship Program

New investigators and faculty are essential for the future of any field of scientific inquiry. NCM has historically encouraged meeting participation by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The scholarship program is designed to provide partial support for them to participate in the meeting and is open to student and post-doc members in good standing. Support for the scholarship winners attending and presenting at the virtual meeting will involve complimentary registration, recognition and other opportunities afforded the winners.

Application Guidelines


Scholarship applications will be considered for submissions for Team (Multi-Author) Individual Talks.  Applicants requesting posters will NOT be considered; however applicants who have submitted for an oral but were accepted as a poster will be considered.  These applications are to accompany Team (Multi-Author) submissions or Individual Talks submissions by the respective submission deadlines.   Successful recipients are required to present a talk or poster during the meeting.


*Please note that previous winners are not eligible for future scholarship opportunities.


Application Deadlines


Scholarship Applications – Not yet open


Applications Open: November 1, 2021


Applications accompanying Team Presentations Closes: December 2, 2021


Applications accompanying Individual Talk Presentations Closes: December 2, 2021

Recipients Announced:  end of January 2022

How to Apply

Applicants must be members in good standing and submit an abstract through the normal abstract submission process (individual talks only). A one page (maximum) personal statement and a one page (maximum) letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Advisor, must accompany the abstract as supplemental information. The Applicant’s personal statement must include an outline of:

  • Your current year and status as a student or post-doc, and
  • Your future goals and career direction.
  • Please include an up to date CV with your application

The Advisor’s letter of recommendation must include:

  • The student/fellow’s aptitude and interest in the field of neural control of movement, and
  • The student/fellow’s current status in the Ph.D. program

Individual Submission Applications

Detailed instructions are noted within the Abstract Submission Form. To apply with an individual submission, you will be required to upload your personal statement and letter COMBINED in PDF format at the end of the submission form. Please ensure to name the PDF document using the format “FirstName_LastName_Scholarship.”

Team Submission Applications

If you are part of a team submission and wish to apply for a scholarship, please email your application and supporting documents here: Submit Team Scholarship Application

Please ensure to name the PDF document using the format:


2021 Scholarship Winners

Samuele Contemori, University of Queensland, Brisbane: Timothy Carroll

Nofar Engelhard, Rutgers University: Victoria Abraira

Kathleen Hupfeld, University of Florida: Rachael Seidler

Kahori Kita, Johns Hopkins University: John Krakauer and Adrian Haith

Caroline Nettekoven, Oxford/Cambridge University: Charlotte Stagg

Jacqueline Palmer, Emory University: Lena Ting

Ehsan Sedaghat-Nejad, Johns Hopkins University: Reza Shadmehr

Simon Thibault, INSERM, Lyon Neuroscience Research: Claudio Brozzoli

Jessica Vidmark, University of California, Irvine: Terence Sanger

Omid Zobeiri, McGill University: Kathleen Cullen

2020 Scholarship Winners

Scott Albert, Johns Hopkins University: Reza Shadmehr

Giacomo Ariani, University of Western Ontario: Jorn Diedrichsen

Macauley Breault, Johns Hopkins University: Sridevi Sarma

Daniela Buchwald, German Primate Center: Hans Scherberger

Supriyo Choudhury, Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata: Stuart Baker

Michelle Heusser, University of Pittsburgh: Raj Gandhi

Sara Hussain, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health: Leonardo Cohen

Jung Uk Kang, Washington University School of Medicine: Larry Snyder

Konstantina Kilteni, Karolinska Institutet: Henrik Ehrsson

Marta Russo, Northeastern University: Dagmar Sternad

Anupama Sathyamurthy, National Institutes of Health: Ariel Levine

Sarah Wilterson, Princeton University: Jordan Taylor

David Xing, Brown University: David Borton

2019 Scholarship Winners

Raina D’Aleo, Johns Hopkins University: Sridevi Sarma

Brian Dekleva, University of Pittsburgh: Jennifer Collinger

Alkis Hadjiosif, Johns Hopkins University: John Krakauer

Peter Holland, University of Birmingham: Joseph Galea

Christopher Hughes, University of Pittsburgh: Robert Gaunt

Rodrigo Maeda, Western University: Andrew Pruszynski

Alexander Mathis, Harvard University & University of Tuebingen: Venkatesh Murthy and Matthias Bethge

Samuel McDougle, University of California, Berkeley: Anne Collins

Andrea Pack, Emory University: Sam Sober

Martha Streng, University of Minnesota: Esther Krook-Magnuson

Amanda Therrien, Johns Hopkins University: Amy Bastian

Mark Wagner, Stanford University: Liqun Luo

2018 Scholarship Winners
Marc Bachinger, ETH Zurich: Nicole Wenderoth

Michael Berger, University of Gotttingen: Alex Gail

Kelly Berghuis, University of Groningen: Tibor Hortobagyi

Kyle Blum, Georgia Tech/Emory University: Lena Ting and Tim Cope

Tejapratap Bollu, Cornell University: Jesse Goldberg

Raeed Chowdhury, Northwestern University: Lee Miller

Nienke Debats, Bielefeld University: Herbert Heuer

Naveen Elangovan, University of Minnesota: Juergen Konczak

Chao Gu, Western University: Brian Corneil

Takuji Hayashi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology: Ken Takiyama and Daichi Nozaki

Sanne Kikkert, ETH Zurich: Nicole Wenderoth

Irene Kuling, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Jeroen Smeets and Eli Brenner

Yi-Ling Kuo, University of Southern California: Beth Fisher

Kevin Mazurek, University of Rochester: Marc Schieber

Hongchul Sohn, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab: Eric Perreault

Erik Summerside, University of Colorado, Boulder: Alaa Ahmed

2017 Scholarship Winners
Ashesh Dhawale, Harvard University: Bence Olveczky

Sharlene Flesher, University of Pittsburgh: Robert Gaunt

Juan Gallego, Northwestern University: Lee Miller

Robert Hardwick, Johns Hopkins University: Adrian Haith

Li-Ann Leow, University of Queensland: Timothy Carroll

Diana Mitchell, McGill University: Kathleen Cullen

Emily Oby, University of Pittsburgh: Aaron Batista

Matthew Perich, Northwestern University: Lee Miller

Shreya Saxena, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Munther Dahleh

Menno Veldman, University of Groningen, Tibor Hortobagyi

Johanna Wagner, University of California, San Diego Scott Makeig

2016 Scholarship Winners
PETRA FISCHER, University of Oxford – Mentor: Peter Brown

ANDREW LONG, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Amy Bastian

JONATHAN MICHAELS, Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH – Mentor: Hans Scherberger

PAVAN RAMDYA, Caltech – Mentor: Michael Dickinson

CHIARA BOZZACCHI, Istituto Italiano Tecnologia – Mentor: Fulvio Domini / Eli Brenner

SHLOMI HAAR, Ben Gurion University – Mentor:  Ilan Dinstein, Opher Donchin

LIN CHIN-HSUAN, Imperial College London – Mentor: Aldo Faisal

DIMITRIS VOUDOURIS, Justus-Liebig University Giessen – Mentor: Katja Fiehler

FRANCESCA LUNARDINI, Politecnico di Milano – Mentor: Alessandra Pedrocchi / Terry Sanger

REMI BARROIS, CognAc G – Mentor: Pierre-Paul Vidal

2015 Scholarship Winners
CRISTIANO ALESSANDRO, ETH Zürich, Sensory-Motor Systems Lab – Mentor: Robert Riener

GUY AVRAHAM BEN-GURION, University of the Negev – Mentor: Ilana Nisky

ANOUK DE BROUWER, Radboud University – Mentor: Nijmegen Jeroen Smeets

TRAVIS DEWOLF, University of Waterloo – Mentor: Chris Eliasmith

IMAN HAJI-ABOLHASSANI, McGill U – Mentor: Henrietta L. Galiana

DAVID HERZFELD, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Reza Shadmehr

FIRAS MAWASE, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Lior Shmuelof

JENNIFER SEMRAU, University of Calgary – Mentor: Sean Dukelow

ATSUSHI TAKAGI, Imperial College London – Mentor: Etienne Burdet

2014 Scholarship Winners
YANNICK BLEYENHEUFT, Université catholique de Louvain – Mentor: Jean-Louis Thonnard

JEROME CARRIOT, McGill University – Mentor: Kathleen Cullen

PATRICK FORBES, Delft University of Technology – Mentor: Frans CT. van der Helm

KARA HAWKINS, York University – Mentor: Lauren E. Sergio

UDAY JAGADISAN, University of Pittsburgh – Mentor: Neeraj Gandhi

GUY LEVY, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Mentor: Benny Hochner

RYAN MOREHEAD, University of California, Berkeley – Mentor: Rich Ivry

TAFADZWA SIBINDI, Erasmus MC – Mentor: Maarten Frens

SHEENA WATERS, University College London – Mentor: Jorn Deidrichsen

BRAM ZANDBELT, Vanderbilt University – Mentor: Jeffrey D. Schall

2013 Scholarship Winners
MOHSEN OMRANI, Queens University – Mentor: Dr. Stephen Scott

LEONI OOSTWOOD, MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam – Mentor: Jeroen Smeets

KRISTIN MUSSELMAN, John Hopkins School of Medicine – Mentor: Amy Bastian

SEBASTIAN TELGEN, University College London – Mentor: Jörn Diedrichsen

SAHANA KUKKE, National Institutes of Health – Mentor: Diane Damiano

DAVID SUSSILLO, Stanford University – Mentor: Krishna Shenoy

NOHAM WOLPE, University of Cambridge – Mentor: Dr James Rowe

2012 Scholarship Winners
EIMAN AZIM, Columbia University – Mentor: Thomas M. Jessell

GABRIEL DIAZ, University of Texas, Austin – Mentor: Mary Hayhoe

RAED JOUNDI, Oxford University – Mentor: Dr. Ned Jenkinson

JOSEPH O’DOHERTY, University of California, San Francisco – Mentor: Philip N. Sabes

DAVID THURA, University of Montreal – Mentor: Paul E. Cisek

AARON WONG, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – Mentor: Mark Shelhamer

2011 Scholarship Winners
NADIA ALAHYANE, Queen’s University – Mentor: Douglas Munoz

JAMES BONAIUTO, California Institute of Technology – Mentor: Richard Andersen

JORDAN BRAYANOV, Harvard University – Mentor: Maurice Smith

JESSICA BROOKS, McGill University – Mentor: Mentor: Kathleen Cullen

GAVIN BUCKINGHAM, University of Western Ontario – Mentor: Melvyn Goodale

GABRIELA CANTARERO, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Pablo Celnik

CLAUDIA CASELLATO, Politecnico di Milano – Mentor: Giancarlo Ferrigno

TANUJ GULATI, Drexel University College of Medicine – Mentor: Simon Giszter

HELEN HUANG, University of Colorado at Boulder –  Mentor: Alaa A. Ahmed

MATTHEW KAUFMAN, Stanford University – Mentor: Krishna Shenoy

TRISHA KESAR, University of Delaware – Mentor: Darcy Reisman, Stuart Binder-Macleod

FEMKE MAIJ, VU University Amsterdam – Mentor: Jeroen Smeets

LAURA MALONE, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Amy Bastien

ALEJANDRO MELENDEZ-CALDERON, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine – Mentor: Etienne Burdet

JEAN-JACQUES ORBAN DE XIVRY, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine – Mentor: Reza Shadmehr

MURIEL PANOUILLERES, Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon – Mentor: Denis Pelisson

MYRTHE PLAISIER, VU University in Amsterdam – Mentor: Jeroen Smeets

JINSOOK ROH, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University – Mentor: William Rymer, Randall Beer, Eric Perreault

BRITNE SHABBOTT, Columbia University Medical Center – Mentor: Pietro Mazzoni

NATELA SHANIDZE, University of Michigan – Mentor: Michael King

MICHELE TAGLIABUE, Université Paris Descartes – Mentor: Joseph McIntyre

JORDAN TAYLOR, University of California, Berkeley – Mentor: Richard Ivry

EVANGELOS THEODOROU, University of Southern California Francisco – Mentor: Valero-Cuevas

PAUL WANDA, Washington University in St. Louis – Mentor: Kurt Thoroughman

2010 Scholarship Winners
JAMILAH A ABDUR-RAHIM, University of California Santa Barbara – Mentor: Scott T Grafton

AVI BARLIYA, Weizmann Institute of Science – Mentor: Tamar Flash

IAN GM CAMERON, Queen’s University – Mentor: Douglas P Munoz

MARCO DAVARE, Sobell Dept – Mentor: Roger Lemon

JOSEPH M GALEA, Johns Hopkins – Mentor: Pablo Celnik

ATIYEH GHOREYSHI, McGill University – Mentor: Henrietta L Galiana

VALERIYA GRITSENKO, Université de Montréal – Mentor: John Kalaska

ALEX PASTOR-BERNIER, University of Oslo – Mentor: Paul E Cisek

MYRTHE PLAISIER, Universiteit Utrecht – Mentor: Astrid ML Kappers

JENNIFER A SEMRAU, Washington University – Mentor: Kurt A Thoroughman

GARY C SING, Harvard University – Mentor: Maurice A Smith

MADHUSUDHAN VENKADESAN, Harvard University – Mentor: Daniel E Lieberman

SCOTT J YOUNG, University of Southern California – Mentor: Terence D Sanger

2009 Scholarship Winners
NICHOLAS AUYONG, Drexel University College of Medicine – Mentor: Michel Lemay

JOYCE DITS, Erasmus MC – Mentor: Hans van der Steen

MARINA DOBREVA, Univ. of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry – Mentor: William O’Neill

SHINICHI FURUYA, Kwansei Gakuin University – Mentor: Hiroshi Kinoshita

ATIYEH GHOREYSHI, McGill University – Mentor: Henrietta Galiana

SARAH HEMMINGER, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Reza Shadmehr

HEIKO HOFFMANN, University of Southern California – Mentor: Stefan Schaal

DONGSUNG HUH, University of California San Diego – Mentor: Emanuel Todorov

DANIEL LUDVIG, McGill University – Mentor: Robert Kearney

JAMIE LUKOS, Arizona State University – Mentor: Marco Santello

2008 Scholarship Winners
MASAKI ABE, Pennsylvania State University – Mentor: Dagmar Sternad

CHITRA BALASUBRAMANIAN, University of Florida –  Mentor: Steve Kautz

PIERRE-MICHEL BERNIER, Marseille Universite – Mentor: Jean Blouin Aix

HANNAH BLOCK, Johns Hopkins University – Mentor: Amy Bastian

MASSIMO CENCIARINI, University of Pittsburg-  Mentor: Patrick Loughlin / Mark Redfern

ENRICO CHIOVETTO, Italian Institute of Technology – Mentor: Thierry Pozzo

MEGAN CONRAD, Marquette University – Mentor: Brian Schmit

CINZIA DE LUCA, University of Chieti-Pescara – Mentor: Silvia Comani

KRYSTAL DETWEILER, Iowa State University – Mentor: Vlastislav Bracha

KALPANA DOKKA, Temple University – Mentor: Emily Keshner

GERMÁN GÁLVEZ, University of Granada – Mentor: Chris Dijkerman

DARCY GRIFFIN, University of Kansas – Mentor: Paul Cheney

CLAIRE HONEYCUTT, Georgia Institute of Technology – Mentor: Richard Nichols

TAMAR MAKIN, Hebrew University of Jerlem-  Mentor: Alessandro Frane

YAEL NIV, Princeton University – Mentor: Jonathan Cohen

ANDREW PRUSZYNSKI, Queen’s University – Mentor: Steven Scott

LIOR SHMUELOF, Hebrew University – Mentor: Ehud Zohary

OLIVIER WHITE, Bangor University – Mentor: Joern Diedrichsen

CHRIS MCNEIL, Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute – Mentor: Simon Gandevia

MATTHEW MOSCONI, University of Illinois – Mentor: Chicago John Sweeney

JAMES REBESCO, Northwestern University – Mentor: Lee Miller

JOO-HYUN SONG, The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute – Mentor: Robert McPeek

IAN STEVENSON, Northwestern University – Mentor: Konrad Kording

AARON SUMINSKI, University of Chicago – Nicholas Hatsopoulos

AIDAN THOMPSON, York University – Denise Henriques